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Choosing the Right Freeze Dryer Chamber for your Modulyo or LyoDry?

Choosing a freeze dryer chamber or spare parts for your LyoDry or Modulyo freeze dryer? MechaTech Systems offers chambers and spare parts which are suitable for use with both our LyoDry laboratory freeze dryers and most Edwards Modulyo and Supermodulyo freeze dryers. Explore our selection to find the ideal fit for your lab's freeze dryer.

  • Designed for interchangeability: MechaTech's LyoDry laboratory freeze dryers (Benchtop and Midi) were created as direct replacements for Edwards Modulyo and Supermodulyo models.

  • Compatible parts: As a result, MechaTech's freeze dryer accessories and spares typically work with Edwards freeze dryers as well.

  • Verification assistance: If you have any doubts, MechaTech is happy to help you confirm compatibility.

For Bulk Freeze Drying, our most popular Acrylic Chamber (LSDC) is a direct replacement for the Edwards acrylic chamber (part number F056-52-000). Key features include:

Acrylic Chamber (LSDC) with 6-Tray Drying Rack (LSD6)
Acrylic Chamber (LSDC) with 6-Tray SS Drying Rack (LSD6)
  • Spacious Design: Being a large size (350mm diameter x 435mm high), it's ideal for bulk freeze drying applications.

  • Complete Package: It comes ready to use with removable lid and L-gaskets.

For smaller samples or a lower budget, the Acrylic Bell Jar (LSDCS) is another great option (measurements provided).

Maximise sample throughput using our drying racks, which are compatible with LSDC acrylic chamber. Here are two options to consider:

  • 6-Tray Drying Rack (LSD6): This features removable stainless steel trays (284mm diameter x 30mm high) offering a total drying area of 0.38m². Freeze-dry multiple samples simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

  • 2-Tray Drying Rack (LSD2): This space-saving option features two flat stainless steel trays (each measuring 310mm with a 132.5mm space between layers).

Heated Tray Drying Accessory (LSAD6H)
Heated Tray Drying Accessory (LSAD6H)

Want to freeze dry your samples faster? Speed up with the Heated Tray Drying Accessory (LSAD6H).

This accessory combines the Acrylic Chamber with a 6-tray drying rack and integrates heat via heater mats and a temperature controller (0°C – 60°C) to accelerate the freeze-drying process.

Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid (pt no LSDCV)
Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid (pt no LSDCV)

Need versatility? The Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid (LSDCV) offers the flexibility to freeze dry both:

  • Bulk Samples: Add the 6-tray drying rack accessory (LSD6) for efficient bulk drying.

  • Samples in Flasks: Each of the 8 ports, equipped with a neoprene valve, accommodates flasks up to 1 liter capacity.

With the Acrylic Chamber with 8-port lid, you can seamlessly switch between drying methods based on your sample requirements.

Maximize Flask Freeze Drying with the 24-Port Column Manifold. If you need to freeze-dry large volumes of samples in flasks, but want to skip the trays, the 24-port column manifold (LSPM24) is the perfect solution. This stainless steel manifold offers:

24-Port SS Column Manifold (LSPM24)
24-Port SS Column Manifold (LSPM24)

  • High Capacity: Equipped with 24 ports, each fitted with a 3/4" ID neoprene valve, you can freeze-dry multiple large flasks (up to 1 litre capacity) simultaneously.

  • Space-Saving Design: The radial port arrangement maximizes efficiency by utilizing the space around the central column.

  • Flask-Focused Functionality: Ideal for labs that primarily rely on flask-based freeze drying.

With the 24-port column manifold, you can increase your freeze-drying throughput for large volume flask samples. We also supply the neoprene valves (part number LSRV) individually too, along with B19, B24 and B29 rubber adaptors (which connect the valve to the manifold). If you already have an Edwards column manifold or drum manifold and just need replacement valves, these are compatible too, directly replacing the old Edwards part number, F056-48-000.

For freeze drying in ampoules, we supply Spin Freezers and Secondary Drying Manifolds , either with your new LyoDry Benchtop or Midi freeze dryer, or as replacements to suit your Edwards Modulyo or Supermodulyo freeze dryer.

  • The Spin Freezer (LSSP) employs evaporative cooling and centrifugation to rapidly freeze samples in a thin layer on one side of each ampoule. To ensure compatibility with a wide range of ampoules, the Spin Freezer comes with five interchangeable carriers.

  • The Secondary Drying Manifold (LSDM96) offers a choice of 96, 48, or 24 ports, all equipped with adaptor nipples for efficient desorption (secondary drying) of ampoule samples.

We also supply spare adaptor nipples (part number LSAN) in packs of 48 units, for the secondary drying manifold (also compatible with the older Edwards secondary drying manifolds).

Need high-capacity freeze drying on a lab-friendly budget?  The LyoDry Midi condenser paired with our spacious 10-tray stainless steel chamber (LSCC10) offers significant advantages:

10-Tray Freeze Dryer Chamber (LSCC10)
10-Tray Freeze Dryer Chamber (LSCC10)

  • Cost-Effective Capacity: The LyoDry Midi condenser (replacing the Supermodulyo EF12K condenser) provides a budget-conscious alternative to expensive pilot scale models, providing larger capacity.

  • Maximum Drying Area: The 10-tray chamber has a large1.5m² drying area, ideal for handling large sample volumes.

  • Versatile Options: Choose between unheated or heated versions of the chamber to perfectly suit your specific drying requirements. Additionally, a manifold assembly can be incorporated for flask drying applications.

  • Supermodulyo Compatibility: This chamber can even be retrofitted to your existing Supermodulyo freeze dryer condenser.

With the LyoDry Midi condenser and 10-tray chamber, you can achieve higher capacity freeze drying without a pilot scale price tag.

Further information:

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