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Up to 5.2m² drying space | heated & cooled chamber | 30Kg or 60Kg capacity ice condenser
UK designed, manufactured and supported 

LyoDry Heritage is a complete freeze drying system, ideal for pilot, or small scale production freeze drying of Food and Beverage products, or for the preservation of Archaeological Materials or Flowers. 


LyoDry Heritage offers a reliable, high-end, yet economical freeze drying solution for accurate, controlled batch freeze drying.

The LyoDry Heritage features a SS, front-loading drying chamber with operating temperatures of -40°C to +50°C.


Five removable stainless steel trays provide either a 2.6m² drying area (part number LSH30), or a 5.2m² drying area (part number LSH60), accessed via a clear perspex, hinged door for easy loading and visibility throughout the freeze drying cycle.

Occupying a compact footprint, the LyoDry Heritage is castor-mounted and the refrigeration system is CFC free.

LyoDry Heritage freeze dryer


LyoDry Heritage has two condenser options: either a 30Kg ice capacity (part number LSH30), or 60Kg ice capacity (part number LSH60) and condenser temperature of -55°C . A transparent door at the front of the condenser enables easy defrosting of the condenser chamber. Hot gas defrost allows for faster batch processing.



A user-friendly, touch-screen Operator Interface provides process variables, product temperatures, system status and fault indicators, both in real time and logged continuously to memory. System status is obvious at a glance.


A USB port is provided for data retrieval, and optional Remote View via your own external computer is available if required.


LyoDry Heritage features a user friendly, touch operator interface, providing process variables, product temperatures and system status at a glance

LyoDry Heritage features a user friendly, touch operator interface, providing process variables, product temperatures and system status at a glance

  • User changeable Pressure Vacuum Units between mbar, Torr or Pa and Temperature Units between Celsius or Fahrenheit

  • Automatic Hot Gas Defrost; CFC Free Refrigeration

  • Integral Vacuum Pump (rotary vane standard or optional dry pump)

  • Compact Footprint, Castor Mounted

  • 12 months standard warranty - extended warranties available (terms apply)

  • UK designed, manufactured and supported

  • -55°C condenser with 30L or 60L Ice Capacity options 

  • Shelf Area Options of either 2.6m² or 5.2m²

  • Temperature Controlled drying Chamber -40°C to +50°C

  • 5 Removable, SS Trays

  • Front-loading, SS Chamber with clear Hinged Door

  • Touch Screen Control for Temperature, Pressure, Data Logging and Event History

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