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Low Cost Bulk Freeze Drying - now with Optional Flask Drying

One of the chamber options for the LyoDry Midi (and Pro version) freeze dryer condenser is the LSCC10 10-tray chamber for bulk freeze drying, which provides 1.5m² total drying area.

Recent enhancements include optional manifold ports with up to eight vacuum isolation valves for flask drying.

LSCC10 chamber is designed for use with LyoDry Midi (or LyoDry Midi Pro) freeze dryer condenser, and in this configuration it offers a low cost option for increased freeze drying capacity usually associated with pilot scale freeze dryers.

LSCC10 bulk freeze drying chamber has 10 stainless steel trays, each measuring 450 mm x 345 mm x 30 mm, thereby providing a total drying area of 1.5m² across 10 trays. A single viewport enables product viewing throughout the freeze drying process.

LyoDry Midi with LSCC10 chamber does not have a pre-freeze function, so samples must be pre-frozen, but it does provide a budget-friendly / larger capacity freeze drying solution. The chamber is also available with optional heating (part number LSCC10H).

LyoDry Midi Pro has additional features: data logging, real time and historical temperature and pressure trends, pressure control, ethernet and USB comms - all accessed via a colour touchscreen control with intuitive icons for easy navigation. Use the LyoDry Midi Pro with the LSCC10H heated chamber, and multiple profile creations (freeze drying 'recipes') are enabled.

Add in the optional manifold ports for flask drying, and you have a future proofed freeze dryer with the ability to handle a variety of freeze drying applications.

LyoDry Midi and LyoDry Midi Pro have condenser temperature options of either -55°C or -85°C, and an ice capacity of 18 Kg per batch, with hot gas defrost enabling faster batch processing.

LyoDry Midi or LyoDry Midi Pro, combined with LSCC10 chamber, with optional heating and optional manifold ports for flask drying, offer affordable, quality assured, pilot-scale freeze drying. UK designed, manufactured and supported.

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