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Why Choose a LyoDry Freeze Dryer?

LyoDry Freeze Dryers range from benchtop to pilot and production scale models, used and endorsed by universities, government research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers and archaeological conservators, in the UK and internationally. 

The LyoDry Freeze Dryers range includes modular benchtop and midi laboratory freeze dryers with a wide choice of drying chambers, temperature and control options to suit your process and budget.


Originally designed as direct replacements for Edwards Modulyo and Supermodulyo freeze dryer range, LyoDry Freeze Dryers provide end user familiarity and interchangeable drying chambers and accessories.

Our pilot and production scale freeze dryers offer a wide range of options to fit your process and budget needs. You can choose from various features such as large condenser capacities, temperature control, data logging, and pressure control. 

Benchtop Pro Freeze Dryer
Vacuum Pump for benchtop freeze dryer
UK designed, manufactured and supported, LyoDry Freeze Dryers are high end, quality assured and competitively priced.

LyoDry Freeze Dryers conform to the latest environmental standards, manufactured by F-Gas certified engineers using CFC free refrigeration gas. LyoDry Freeze Dryers are designed to have fast cool down times, helping to minimise energy consumption and maximise life expectancy.

We will provide training, service contracts, extended warranties and IQ/OQ if required.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and support both before and after sales. We receive excellent customer feedback.
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